Philips Avent Single Electronic Breast Pump


Product Description:
Stimulate and Express

> Soft massage cushions trigger natural let-down, like baby
Patented massage cushions flex in and out, replicating baby's suckling action and is intended to help stimulate a fast natural let down.
> Gentle vacuum mimics baby's suckling for steady milk flow
The gentle-draw vacuum mimics baby's suckling to create a steady milk flow that requires less pumping.

Helps you breastfeed longer

> More milk, naturally
Expression allows breast milk to be available, even when you can't be there

Use three ways

> By mains power, battery power and manual.
In addition to mains power, this single electronic pump can also operate using battery power and as a manual pump, for total flexibility.

Benefits and features:

> Learns and continues your pumping rhythm
Electronic memory learns and at the touch of a button, continues your personal pumping rhythm.

What is included
Electronic Breast Pump: 1 pc
Bottle stand/funnel cover: 1 pcs
Battery pack: 1 pcs
Manual pump parts for when power is not available: 1
Spare parts: 1 pcs
Breast milk container (125 ml/ 4 oz): 1 pcs
Extra soft Newborn Flow Nipple: 1 pcs
Newborn nipple travel pack: 1 pcs

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